The Originals

The Originals
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Friday, December 06, 2013

I've moved..

If you'd like to continue reading my randomness, please check out my new blog 
(that I hope will be more active than this one has been as of late)..

Hope to see you there! 

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

See Ms. Random. See Ms. Random knit. Knit, Ms. Random.. knit.

Hi. My name is Ms. Random. I am the owner of this blog that is rarely updated and when it is, it seems to be completely random. I would apologize, but I know it's not necessary because really, in the blog world, anything goes I suppose :) 

 I digress.. today I am actually posting about knitting!! Craziness, I know. Heh. 

So I pretty much lost my knitting mojo back in November 2010 when my son was born. I just didn't make the time and then I found other interests that filled the space. I haven't gotten rid of any of my supplies because I always knew I'd come back to it in time.

To my complete delight, I have pulled out one of my WIP projects. This was something that I had taken great pride in when I started it in the summer of 2010, while pregnant with said son, stealer of my knitting mojo ;) I wanted to knit a baby blanket for my nephew who was due right after my little one (Thing 2 as we have grown to refer to him.. Thing 1 is his sister, who is obviously the older of the two). Turns out, my nephew was born one month to the day after T2. I hadn't made very much progress before he was born and then, well, we've already covered that. I had actually given the unfinished blanket to my sister at her baby shower with the promise to finish it.. someday. Heh.

 Almost three years later, I now feel like I'd like to give my old beloved hobby a go again, so I pulled out the blanket. I will admit that I have ulterior motives to finish this blanket, other than giving it to my almost three year old nephew, who I'm not sure will get use out of it now, rather hide it away as a keepsake (which is just fine with me). See, my sister is pregnant and due in early September.. wouldn't it be awesome to finish her Thing 1's blanket before then so I can make one for her Thing 2, to be given shortly after she/he is born?? I know.. probably kidding myself that I can stick with it again, BUT.. it's worth a try! 

 So here goes.. wish me luck.. I have a LOT of work to do on this lovely WIP and I really want it knit with love and not just desire to move it to my FO list :) 

I will attempt to add pictures of it's current status from my phone and keep you posted on my progress, but I will say that it also feels good to have something of interest (even if it's just my interest) to blog about again.. two birds with one stone feeling :) 

 Specs: Baby blanket inspired by the Mason Dixon Ballband Dishcloth pattern in Toffee and Mustard Lion Brand Vanna's Choice yarn (100% acrylic). Colors used inspired by the colors of a giraffe (based on the 'theme' before the baby was born).

PS.. Not gonna lie.. Very nervous that I will not know what I'm doing after all this time. Will it be like riding a bike? Stay tuned to find out...

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Homemade Pug Cleaning Solution

That's right, folks.. time to clean the faces that only a mother can love :) Take care of your pugs' faces, ears, wrinkles and folds with this simple solution... Here is the homemade solution that a lot of PugVillager's use. Lisa (6 Beautiful Pugs) has posted it before and uses it for ears and facial folds: 1/3 c. white vinegar 1/3 c. rubbing alcohol 1/3 c. witch hazel 10 drops (give or take) tea tree oil

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

first time in a tunnel slide alone!

Grocery shopping just isn't for everyone

Trying out Shannon's Sit and Stand.. they like it!

Testing 1..2..3

Bathtub photoshoot!

Cha Cha Cha Cha Changes...

Hi there (to anyone who surprisingly still has my blog in their subscriptions).. hope you all are well. I have completely fallen off the blogging planet, but I don't want to give this up completely, so I think I will start off by posting pics of my kids and maybe lil updates here and there about what's going on in our lives. Maybe eventually it will turn into more, or maybe it will just be a good 'journal' for me to keep track of stuff. Either way, at least I'll be posting something again lol

Friday, November 04, 2011

30 Days of Thanks.. Days 3 & 4

Yesterday I was thankful for an amazingly beautiful day, weather-wise.. instead of sitting home writing a blog post, I took my kids on a nice long walk and played at a park.

And today? Well.. today I am thankful for beer. And good friends who invite me to us to join them in the drinking of it. Hooray for Friday night plans!


Well, missed a day already on the NaBloPoMo project lol Can't say I'm surprised.. I warned you that I have alot going on right now. Oh well.. if I can at least make more of an effort to be present here on *most* days this month, it will be a victory for me!

Unfortunately, now that I've sat down to babble, nothing comes to mind. Perhaps it's the fact that the three year old who thinks she runs this house just woke up from her nap and is screaming at me because she is already being sent back to her room for bad behavior. Or the fact that I need to go change another poopy diaper because the almost one year old thinks it's time to unload lol

Either way.. I will leave you with this and call it a day (as I wait for my sitter to get here so I can go blow off some steam with some friends)...

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

30 Days of Thanks.. Day 2

Today I am thankful for a medical professional who gets me. And who isn't afraid to drop an eff bomb to really drive the point home. Also? I'm super-thankful that my mother in law was able to come watch Thing 1 so I could feel free to drop my own eff bomb back to said professional :)

The 31st may have passed, but I'm still feelin' it...

You may or may not be aware of this, but Halloween is my FAVE holiday. Ever. Seriously. Unfortunately I haven't had much energy/time/motivation lately, so I didn't really do much other than make sure my kids had a costume to wear, pumpkins on the porch (although uncarved :sadface:) and trick or treating in the neighborhood.

Since I haven't done any blogging as of late (posting or reading), I've missed oodles of awesome Halloweeny things. Bummer. The cool thing about blogging is that I can still go back and see what I've missed. Yay! So yeah, that's what I'm up to.

Check out this awesome video of a girl transforming herself into a pretty kick@$$ lion.. amazing! I totally wanna try it! And the same girl did this one on how to make a fabulous black eye, which I totally want to make my costume for next year. Such a simple idea with alot of PUNCH! haha - get it? black eye? punch? yeah.. ok.. I won't quit my day job ;) Ok.. off to check out what else I missed. Hopefully this entire month's blog posts won't be about last month's festivities, but if they are.. oh well - that's the beauty of owning your own lil piece of the interwebs haha

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

November.. 30 Days of Thanks

For the last couple of years, I have tried to post at least one thing I am thankful for every day during the month of November on my Facebook status. I love seeing it typed out and remember to do it every day makes me more conscious of all of the wonderful things in my life. Really I wish I could make myself do this as a 365 thing, but let's be realistic.. a month of commitment might be more than I can handle at this point. Baby steps..

This year I decided to post this on my blog for two reasons..
#1 Let's be honest.. my blog is growing some serious cobwebs, so this lil project combined with NaBloPoMo outta help get things moving again.
#2 I'd really like a record of these small (or big) things that I recognize along the way.. thinking it will be a great reference for those days in the future that things might not seem so sunny, ya know?

Anyway, today I am thankful for my incredibly supportive friends and family. Without all of these amazing people, I am certain that I would not be surviving some current difficulties as well as I am, or just at all. You all know who you are.. thank you for everything you are doing/have done recently to help me. I love you and appreciate you more than you will ever know.

If you don't have your own blog, or don't feel like publicly participating in the 30 Days of Thanks, feel free to leave your thankful thoughts in the comments section here. I'm channeling the power of positive thinking and I believe in strength in numbers :o)

See you all tomorrow!


Happy NaBloPoMo! Get excited, people...

Today starts the first of 30 straight days of posts from me!

See - I told you this was exciting :)

Not feelin' it? Well.. too bad, cuz imma try my best to keep up. And if I slack, you can check out some friends' blogs who I'm sure will do a much better job than I at following the every day posting rules lol.... Hillary, Kristen, Jeanne (maybe?).. I know there are others. Heck, google NaBloPoMo and let me know if you find anything good out there on the interwebs. I could use some extra material anyway. Heh. And if you are reading this and are participating, leave me a comment so I can add you to my list of blogs to stalk---err---read this month :)

Today is just an intro to the event, so I'll leave it at that and save the updates and mindless jibberish for another day, ok? KThxBye!